How can airports attract new air services – and differentiate their attractiveness?

In recent years airports around the world have become much more active participants in the aviation equation. They have engaged airlines at the network planning…..

Saudi Arabia rethinks airport tendering process after terminating concession agreement with Singapore’s Changi Airports

Saudi Arabia’s General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) announced it will undertake a fresh international tendering process for the concession contract at the new King Abdul Aziz…..

Albania hopes new airport projects can bring down air fares and boost international connectivity

For over a decade, Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza has been the sole international air gateway into Albania. Built in the 1950s and named after Roman…..

Vinci builds on a solid foundation to deliver double-digit passenger growth

One of the world’s largest and most diverse airport operators, France’s Vinci Airports, has reported that passenger traffic numbers grew by 12.4% in 2017 to…..

Carillion’s collapse – not much damage to the UK airport business, or is there?

The UK’s second largest construction company went into liquidation in the week commencing 15-Jan-2018 with debts and pension liabilities totalling in the order of GBP1.5…..

European financial institutions’ fund acquires stake in Greek airports

The Marguerite Fund, based in Luxembourg and Paris, has announced that it has acquired a 10% stake in Fraport Greece, the owner and operator of…..

Paris enters the world’s 100 million ppa club, but which other cities are already members?

The city of Paris became the eighth city in the world to achieve the milestone of handling over 100 million passengers a year in 2017……

The ‘Old World’ fights back – Europe the fastest growing region for international air passenger growth

Figures published by Airports Council International (ACI) show that international passengers increased at a higher rate in Europe than they are in other regions in…..

Taxes, charges and fees are pushing up airline fares to the detriment of passengers, argues IATA

Competition in the airline sector has been a driver of innovation and cost reduction and has delivered major benefits for consumers in terms of increased…..

INSIGHT: Hub network dynamics differ among world’s leading airports

From an Air Service Development perspective a number of factors underpin air connectivity, ranging from geographical location and airport infrastructure to airline business models and…..