Indian government commits to 50-year lease concessions on six airports

India’s Government plans to award contracts covering a 50-year term to the entities selected to operate six Airports Authority of India (AAI) airports, comprising facilities…..

Another Brazilian airport privatisation package is moving towards fruition, but the pickings keep getting slimmer

Brazil’s regulator ANAC has approved draft documentation for the concession of 12 airports. The concession process was set in motion on 29-Nov-2018. This is the…..

Regulations are eased opening expanded US Airport Privatisation programme to any airport

The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) reauthorisation bill which was passed by Congress this autumn contained a provision which passed under the radar outside the United…..

Real Estate Investment Trusts are not uncommon, but Malaysian example may be a first for the airport sector

Malaysia’s Minister of Finance Lim Guan Eng says the government plans to establish a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) for airports. Mr Eng said the…..

Second wave of Greek airport concessions is under way; mainly island airports, but it will be a hard sell

Greece’s economic problems may not be as evident as they once were but one of the requirements placed on the government by the ‘Troika’ of…..

Four Nigerian airports to be put out to a concession process. It’s an ongoing story, but who would chance it?

For several years now the Nigerian government has desired to privatise the country’s four main airports by concession but has met with stiff resistance, particularly…..

Will the conversion of a taxiway into a second runway be a sweetener for a new investor as rumours are revived over possible GIP London Gatwick sale?

It is been rumoured for some time that Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) would like to dispose of some or all of its 42% holding in…..

Campinas and Santiago airport concessions – airports need to discuss facilities with their airlines

One of the biggest challenges Latin American airlines face is high airport charges. But there are small movements in the right direction occurring in the…..

Austerity measures could prompt sale of significant Athens International Airport stake

The Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund’s (HRADF) executive chairman Aris Xenofos confirmed the agency is hoping to sell its 30% stake in Athens International Airport…..

Haïtian Government seeks private sector participation in new Port-de-Paix airport development as it seeks to grow country’s appeal

The Haïtian Cabinet is reported to be planning the development of a new airport in Port-de-Paix, in the country’s north-west, under a public-private partnership (P3)…..