Spain’s Murcia Corvera Airport to be inaugurated at last. Competition with Alicante? But AENA manages both of them

Murcia Corvera International Airport is scheduled to be inaugurated on 15-Jan-2019 and is projected to handle six million passengers in 2019. The LCC Norwegian just…..

Airport Arrivals – the top five most anticipated airport openings in 2019

The travel and tourism sector is a key global economic driver, but how will the air transport industry will continue to support economic growth against…..

Berlin Brandenburg claims a ‘time-competitive advantage’ over the New Central Polish Airport – but does it have one?

Germany’s House of Representatives member Sebastian Czaja said recently that construction of the New Central Polish Airport could present “massive competition for Berlin”. He called…..

Italy’s new government wants new airports – previous governments had said there were too many!

Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini said he is in favour of new airport construction projects in Italy. “Italy needs…..

The Plan Obrador begins to shift into action in Mexico – Santa Lucia’s second runway to be operational in two years

Having scuppered the partially built New Mexico City International Airport on the basis of the result of a dubious referendum, Mexico’s President, Andrés Manuel López…..

Marseille Airport in big expansion drive; low-cost terminal to be extended and refurbished

The Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIMP) has announced that more than EUR250 million will be invested into Marseille Provence Airport (MRS) to…..

China to commission 200 new airports by 2035, but the economy may say otherwise

The Chinese Government intends to develop and commission more than 200 new airports by 2035, increasing the total number of operational airports in mainland China…..

It has been an almost 35 year old story, but the New Heraklion Airport in Kastelli is moving (slightly) nearer to fulfilment

The Greek Court of Auditors has approved a convention for the construction of Kastelli/New Heraklion Airport on the island of Crete, to replace the existing…..

Infrastructure enhancement at Leeds Bradford Airport has been long required, but it hides the fact that Yorkshire’s largest air gateway still under achieves

Leeds City Council has just approved construction plans for the main terminal building at Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA), a regional airport in the United Kingdom……

Lisbon Airport ‘crowded’ but ‘not collapsing’. How did they get the forecasting wrong?

The perceived need to transform the Montijo military air base near Lisbon into a commercial facility for low cost carriers has occupied many column inches.  But,…..