Bookings to the Dominican Republic from the US sink after a spate of tourist deaths, but there are signs of an uplift

Recent high profile US tourist deaths has created challenges for the Dominican Republic, triggering a decline in bookings for travel to the country for the…..

Cancun is once again the top destination for US summer travel, the fourth year it has topped the ranking

Despite some negative publicity in the recent past, Cancun remains the top destinations for summer travellers from the US, according to new research by Airlines…..

It has been debated for many years, but new report provides evidence that timing really does matter when it comes to booking travel

Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), in collaboration with Expedia Group has released a new report that suggests timing matters most when booking travel. The fifth annual…..

Mexico and New York top the destinations for US air travellers during the holiday season; European demand also on the rise

Airlines Reporting Corp (ARC), a specialist in air travel distribution and intelligence, has revealed Mexico as the largest international market and New York as the largest…..

Travel buyers appear to be blocking basic economy fares as they show signs of greater flexibility to traveller preference and convenience

While new basic economy fares introduced in the United States of America (USA) may have proven popular with budget-minded passengers and appeal to many travellers…..