Air New Zealand expands in Adelaide with more capacity and premium product

Air New Zealand is adding capacity and improving its product in the Adelaide market this summer by up-gauging some of its flights from the A320…..

British Airways is funny…wait, what?

It seems like only last week we declared Air New Zealand the king of airline safety videos, and while we stand by that, there is…..

Airlines cashing in on the box office bonanza

Earlier this month, we witnessed yet another example of an airline attempting to cash in on the success of a movie franchise by plastering well…..

Air New Zealand’s fantastical journey leaves everyone scratching their heads

Air New Zealand launched its latest safety video titled A Fantastical Journey, a name which is actually very fitting. The term Fantastical literally means “conceived or…..

Air New Zealand could match Qantas’ London service with non-stop New York, as new aircraft come on line

In the Americas, Latin America is a “big focus” for Air New Zealand The geographic position of Auckland is such that Air New Zealand can…..

Our airlines do social media VERY well

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that we are currently living in the age of social media. We are constantly engaging with friends and…..

Air New Zealand Investor Day 2017: Summary

Air New Zealand hosted (01-Jun-2017) its Investor Day 2017, with key speakers from the carrier, including CEO Christopher Luxon, who stated growth has been supported…..

Premium Economy: A valuable asset to airlines but not every product is the same

Premium economy continues to be a key opportunity for carriers the world over. More and more airlines have introduced this important class into their aircraft…..

Air New Zealand takes Premium Economy to the next level, but what about Lounge access?

This month the BlueSwan Daily road-tested Air New Zealand’s Premium Economy. And we had plenty of time to do so on the long sector between…..

New airline campaigns – Worth the millions? You decide.

Whether it be to advise new products or services, promote fare sales or purely a simple branding exercise, airlines invest a great deal of money…..