Swiss Skies project aims to bring low cost long haul concept to Basel

    Swiss Skies, a proposed low cost long haul airline to be based at EuroAirport Basel/Mulhouse/Freiburg, is seeking USD100 million in financing for launch by mid 2019 (Financial Times, 09-Sep-2018). The company would operate a fleet of A321neo or A321LR aircraft with around 190 seats. Cofounder Alvaro Oliveira confirmed Swiss Skies is the current working name but a new branding will be adopted ahead of the airline’s launch. The airline would focus on routes to North America along with destinations in Asia, Brazil, the Caribbean and Middle East from other departure airports, with aims for a cost base 30% lower than competitors. Mr Oliveira said current plans do not include the UKdue to Brexit uncertainty. Cofounder Armin Bovensiepen added: “We have a full network prepared but because of the competition we don’t want it in the press right now”. Swiss Skies proposes to operate with 16 aircraft by its second year of operation and 38 by its fourth.