Sweden has strong sense of sustainability with natives willing to pay more to travel with sustainable initiatives

Netherlands national carrier KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has published results of a second annual survey on how Scandinavians consider the environmental impact of aircraft and the survey shows major differences between travellers across Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The survey, conducted by Ipsos on behalf of KLM in late Nov- 2017, revealed 61% of Swedes are willing to pay more to travel on an airline with sustainable initiatives, compared to 46% of Norwegians.

“The attitude to an aircraft’s environmental impact varies between the Nordic countries, but development is moving towards an increased environmental awareness,” says Paul Terstegge, general manager for North Europe, Air France-KLM.

The survey highlights that Norwegians are less willing to make changes to the environmental impact of the aircraft than those to the East in Sweden. A majority of Swedes, 61%, are willing to pay a more expensive ticket if it involves traveling with an airline that is more sustainable (with less carbon emissions per passenger).

The Swedes are also the most diligent to actually climate-compensate their travels. 15% of the Swedes state that they are climate-compensating against only 9% of Norwegians, and 11% Danes. In the case of Norway this share has halved from that recorded in last year’s survey.

“Many travellers want to play an active role in reducing the climate’s impact on the climate, and we feel that travellers generally set higher demands on traveling with airlines where climate work permeates the entire flight experience,” says Mr Terstegge.

The survey also shows that it is Norwegians who fly the most and will continue to fly at least as much in the future – 70% (versus 67% last year) want to continue flying as much in the future, towards a smaller proportion among the climate-conscious Swedes (60%). The Danes are least willing to change their flight habits, with 72% saying they will fly as much in the future.

Norwegians also have the least climate conscience compared to their Nordic neighbours. Swedes have the most conscience about aircraft’s climatic impact when they book flights, with 40% saying they sometimes get a bad conscience, against 32% Danes, and only 29% Norwegians.