Swedavia to layoff 1900 staff, implement action programme in response to coronavirus

    Swedavia implemented (20-Mar-2020) an action programme in order to adapt its operations in the face of a decline in passenger volume, combined with “uncertain market prospects” due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). The company will minimise operations and concentrate operations at larger airports. Additionally, Swedavia will layoff 1900 out of a total of about 2500 employees with “immediate effect and until further notice” and will also give notice that another 800 employees may be laid off. Swedavia president and CEO Jonas Abrahamsson commented: “We are in the midst of a social crisis of an unprecedented nature, and our most important priority now is to limit the spread of the disease and protect people’s lives and health… the consequences for a company that enables people to meet are dramatic since our revenue is in principle completely variable and connected in one way or another to passenger volume”. Mr Abrahamsson said there is “enormous uncertainty” on future operations but added that the operator hopes to scale up activities and reincorporate its staff post-COVID-19. [more – original PR]