Squaremouth: 60% of US domestic travellers still plan to fly for their trips

    Squaremouth reported (29-Jul-2020) the following key travel trends from a survey of US domestic travellers:

    • Over 60% of travellers still plan to fly to domestic destinations;
    • 88% of all domestic travellers are heading out of state for their trip;
    • Vacation rentals are the most popular accommodation type, with almost 50% of travellers opting to stay at a vacation rental during the COVID-19 pandemic;
    • Cleanliness concerns or social distancing guidelines may have been a factor in travellers’ accommodation decisions, as 37% will stay at a hotel, and only 4% plan to camp or stay in an recreational vehicle for their trip;
    • 50% of travellers said that isolation recommendations did not change the type of trip they are taking;
    • The majority of travellers are taking beach vacations (51%) or camping or adventure trips (35%);
    • Only 15% of travellers will be taking trips to a city. [more – original PR]