Spirit Airlines says competition is getting stronger and playing ‘rougher’

    Spirit Airlines CEO Robert Fornaro stated the marketplace is “much more competitive” compared to five or six years ago, noting Spiritneeds to be “better at everything” as competition gets stronger and plays “rougher” (ThePointsGuy, 23-Mar-2018).  He stated the carrier plans to grow up to 23% in 2018, noting it now operates larger aircraft on longer markets. The carrier is also taking more aircraft, even though the delivery count “may be lower in 2018”. Large leisure destinations such as Orlando, Las Vegas and New Orleans are also continuing to build up. Mr Fornaro also noted the international component is now approaching 10% of total operations, compared to 18% to 20% in 2012. He acknowledged the international side has “quite frankly been under-developed here over the last three or four years”.