Spirit Airlines as much of an e-commerce company as Amazon: CFO

    Spirit Airlines president and CFO Scott Haralson stated the carrier is “trying to make the end to end process as simple and efficient” as possible for its passengers (Forbes, 16-Jul-2019). Mr Haralson noted the carrier wants passengers to be able to “purchase the things they value in their travel while increasing the speed and efficiency of their process through the airport”. He said airlines are not “historically” good at e-commerce, but stated Spirit is “as much of an e-commerce company as Amazon“, with more than 95% of its revenue created via online sales. He said the carrier also wants to use technology to “push information to the guest”, including details regarding their flight or optional seat upgrades. “The use of technology will change how the guest interacts with Spirit at the airport”, he stated, adding the airline is working to make the boarding process “simple, automated, and efficient”.