South Pac Share and Oil Price Weekly Update

Each week the Blue Swan Daily brings you a snap shot of the key share and oil prices related to all things travel and aviation.

Monthly Share Price Snapshot:

Source: ASK (Prices in AUD)

Key news stories of the week

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand reported (09-Mar-0218) customer demand for domestic travel continues to experience steady growth, with the airline adding 630,000 more seats nationwide for FY2018 alone. The carrier expects that it will further grow the regional turboprop network alone by 4.5% year-on-year, adding 265,000 seats over FY2018.

Qantas Airways

Qantas set (08-Mar-2018) the NZD currency conversion rate for its 2017 dividend payment of a dividend at a rate of NZ1.0742 to AUD1.00. The carrier previously declared a dividend of AUSD0.07 (USD0.0545) per ordinary share. The converted dividend payment amount is NZD0.0752 per ordinary share. The payment date is 12-Apr-2018.

Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said if the Australian economy is not performing well by the time aircraft are available to operate nonstop from the Australian east coast to the US east coast or the UK, then the carrier will not be able to afford the fleet investments (Australian Financial Review, 07-Mar-2018). The carrier launched ‘Project Sunrise’ in 2017, working with aircraft manufacturers to develop an aircraft capable of operating such routes with a full load of passengers and cargo.

Oil Prices Update