SNPL ‘worried’ about potential appointment of Air Canada COO as Air France-KLM CEO

    SNPL Air France president Philippe Evain stated while it is not the job of SNPL to choose the next Air France-KLM chair and CEO, the union is “worried” about the potential choice of Air Canada chief operating officer Benjamin Smith (Le Parisien, 11-Aug-2018). Mr Evain said: “We believe that it is necessary to have a leader who understands the specificities of the French social dialogue, who is in control of the details of the European air market and in particular the forces involved between low-cost and historical companies. It is very different from what is happening in Canada“. Mr Evain said there are “two or three” candidates who SNPL would prefer, but they have been “dismissed without any objective reason” by the Air FranceKLMnominations committee. He reiterated should any new CEO not discuss wages with unions immediately, 15 days of strike action will be carried out in Sep-2018.