SNPL: French side of Air France-KLM ‘weakened’, Air Canada COO being considered as new head

    Air France‘s SNPL union called (08-Aug-2018) for “impartial” treatment of Air France-KLM group president and CEO candidates. SNPL said: “The main weakness of our company lies in its inability to renew itself from the inside”. SNPL stated the French side of the group “is very weakened” due to its “failure” in social dialogues, and now “Americans and Dutch find themselves in a position of strength within the board of directors”. SNPL also noted reports that a candidate of North American origin is being considered to head the company. SNPL Air France president Philippe Evain confirmed Air Canada chief operating officer Benjamin Smith is “among candidates” being considered by the Air France-KLM appointment nominations committee (Le Monde/Bloomberg, 08-Aug-2018). [more – original PR – French]