SITA: Technology is improving passenger satisfaction

Recently, SITA released the results of its 12th annual Passenger IT Trends Survey, where it asked passengers to rate their satisfaction at every step of the journey. According to SITA and the results of the survey, today almost every passenger expects to manage their travel using a smart device and this is dictating the services they expect from airlines and airports.

Passengers are responding well to improved technologies, which is improving their overall satisfaction.

SITA CEO Barbara Dalibard believes baggage and biometrics are two areas in particular where investing in technology can deliver a better passenger experience. Mrs Dalibard continued: “Our survey this year shows that automated identity checks at passport control and boarding increase passenger satisfaction. It is encouraging that when passengers use biometrics they are even more satisfied with the experience. This demonstrates passenger acceptance of biometrics as a secure technology to deliver a seamless journey. It is very clear that most passengers are no longer deciding whether they should use technology but which technology they should use.”