Simple tips to fight the effects of Jet-Lag

Whether you are a road warrior, or occasional business traveller, it is very likely that you have already experienced the unbearable disassociation of time and tiredness that changing time zones can bring.

So, if you want to arrive at your meeting as fresh as a daisy and to outperform, corporate travel powerhouse, CWT has put together a list of the top seven jet-lag avoidance tips to help:

  1. Preparation is key. Work not only on your presentation, but also on your sleeping routines. If you are going to travel east, go to bed earlier the week before your trip. If you are going to go west, stay up later.
  2. Choose your flight if you can. Our bodies work on a 24 hours cycle called circadian rhythms. When we travel, our bodies cannot adjust quickly enough, leading to sleep disorder. To minimise it, select, if you can, a flight that arrives early in the evening at your destination and try to stay up until bedtime to catch up as quickly as possible the new rhythm.
  3. Let the sunshine in. Get as much sunlight as possible if you want to regulate your biological clock. Daylight works far better than caffeine – so, if you are stuck in meeting rooms all day, use the breaks to go outside and take some fresh air.
  4. Cut out stimulants. Stay away from caffeine and strong exercise in the evening to allow your body to get ready for a good night’s sleep.
  5. Be water. Drink all the water you can, not only during your flight, but also before boarding. A well-hydrated body recovers faster, so ask for water to your flight’s attendants regularly.
  6. The grass really is greener. A weird tip which actually works is to walk in bare feet on grass when you arrive somewhere. It is strangely relaxing and immediately takes you away from your worries – and jet lag.
  7. Trick your brain. It is really just a mind-over-matter thing, but it does help to set up your watch to the destination time zone, before you travel (but please don’t miss your flight as a result).