Shareholders decide on liquidation of Air Italy; Italy’s Transport Minister describes decision as ‘unacceptable’

    Air Italy announced (11-Feb-2020) shareholders Alisarda and Qatar Airways, operating through AQA Holding SpA, resolved to liquidate the airline during a shareholders’ meeting held on 11-Feb-2020. The carrier will suspend operations effective 26-Feb-2020. All scheduled services will be operated from 11-Feb-2020 up to and including 25-Feb-2020 “by other carriers at the times and on the days previously scheduled”, including 26-Feb-2020 domestic departures from Milan Malpensa and departures from Milan Malpensa to Male and Dakar. All fares after this time will be refunded by the airline or travel agencies. The airline reportedly registered a loss of more than EUR200 million in FY2019 (La Repubblica, 11-Feb-2020). [more – original PR – English/Italian] Meanwhile, Italy‘s Minister for Transport Paola De Micheli, commenting on the liquidation of Air Italy, stated: “The decision to liquidate a company of this size without first informing the government and without seriously considering any alternatives is unacceptable” (La Repubblica, 11-Feb-2020). He called for Air Italy to suspend the resolution until a meeting can be held with the Ministry regarding the matter.