Schiphol expects ‘moderate’ growth under new slot agreement from 2020

    Amsterdam Schiphol Airport director aviation marketing, cargo and customer experience Maaike van der Windt commented on the proposed “local rule” for slot management at the airport, stating: “There are not a lot of unutilised slots so it won’t necessarily make much difference because we are almost at capacity” (The Loadstar, 22-Oct-2018). She said: “We are currently in negotiations about a new agreement for slot capacity from winter 2020. We believe there will be growth after 2020 – but it will be moderate, more moderate than before”. Ms van der Windt added: “The aim now is to maintain what we’ve got, and do what we can to support the airlines. And after 2020, we are keen to keep our position, but we are still developing our long term vision – cargo will have a part”.