SAS efficiency programme ‘on track’, market challenges remain

    SAS stated (27-Aug-2019) the carrier’s efficiency programme is on track in Q3FY2019, however market challenges remain for the airline. The carrier stated market challengers including volatile jet fuel prices, unfavourable FX rates, decreased demand end European order books at record levels remain challenging with additional efficiency initiatives required. SAS announced the following continued efforts towards sustainable air travel in Q3FY2019:

    • Three new A320neo phased in;
    • A330E phased in to replace A340;
    • Option for customers to purchase biofuel;
    • Removal of tax free store on board;
    • Partnership with Airbus to research hybrid and electric aircraft;
    • 38% of SAS‘ tickets CO2 compensated;
    • An overall reduction of 25% in CO2 emissions, with SASdomestic services to be 100% biofuel powered. [more – original PR]