Sabre: Aggregation of content becomes more valuable as market becomes fragmented

    Sabre VP of product management, strategic initiatives Kathy Morgan said that as an industry becomes more fragmented, aggregation becomes “much more valuable”, and Sabre’s role will be to continue to aggregate content from a “variety of sources” along with applying additional sophistication from a shopping perspective and being sure that the company can “get the right offer out at the right time to the right customer” from a retailing perspective (Skift, 20-Jun-2018). Ms Morgan noted that the travel industry is faced with the challenge of emulating the success of digital entertainment and content providers in analyzing consumer buying behavior to predict and influence future purchases. Sabre is working on using the data generated within its ecosystem to “drive new types of retailing and personalisation capabilities”, and to “start thinking about retailing and personalisation in new and different ways” said Morgan.