Ryanair to launch Ukraine services; government welcomes decision as ‘most important’ event in 20 years

    Ryanair announced (25-Mar-2018) plans launch services from Ukraine, its 36th country, effective Oct-2018. Details include:

    Ukraine’s Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan commented: “Ryanair’s entry to Ukraine is the most important event for the national airspace over the past 20 years…. For Ukrainians, Ryanair’s arrival brings about the opportunity to travel cheaply and safely. For the country, it means development of the aviation industry and the network of regional airports. For business, it points to a free and competitive market, with rules of fair play. For visitors, you can fly to Ukraine at the lowest fares and discover its openness, beauty and business opportunities”. [more – original PR] [more – original PR – II] [more – original PR – III – Bratislava Airport – Slovak] [more – original PR – IV – Warsaw Modlin Airport – Polish] [more – original PR – V – Kiev Airport – Ukrainian] [more – original PR – VI – Stockholm Skavsta Airport] [more – original PR – VII – Krakow Airport – Polish]