Ryanair CEO: ‘onboard the aircraft, we will try to sell all of the seats’

    Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary reported “onboard the aircraft, we will try to sell all of the seats” and “the business only functions if we can sell most of the seats on most of the flights” (Irish Mirror, 12-May-2020). Mr O’Leary added the airline doesn’t “need social distancing” and the government has recommended the use of face masks where social distancing is not possible.  The Irishman reported the UK‘s proposal of quarantining inbound passengers for 14 days has “no scientific basis for it whatsoever” (Bloomberg.com/businesslive.co.za, 12-May-2020). Mr O’Leary said: “By the time we get to the first of July, we think masks and temperature checks will become the norm in train stations, on board trains and undergrounds, on buses, in public transport across Europe… It would be a reasonably modest extension to add those to airport terminals and on board aircraft”.