RISE Aerospace and Permagard Aviation Sign MOU

    RISE Aerospace signed (08-Feb-2018) an MoU with Permagard Aviation to offer its customers in the Asian aviation market an expanded range of services including:

    • Permagard Aviation’s ‘Antimicrobial Shield’ to control pathogens, mould and odours on aircraft interiors;
    • Permagard Aviation’s ‘Reactive Polymer’ coatings to rejuvenate and protect exterior paint;
    • Specialist cabin appearance management software designed for MRO providers;
    • Access to specialised wastewater reclamation equipment permitting wet washing of aircraft on any hard stand.

    Under the new agreement with Permagard Aviation, RISE Aerospace and its subsidiaries and JVs will be able to include Permagard Products in their range of services. The companies will also bring their expertise together to create an integrated pest management program to eradicate and control infestations on aircraft. [more – original PR]