Rex regrets Cairns Airport position on Community Fares

    Regional Express (Rex) responded (29-Jan-2018) to the position taken by Cairns Airport, whereby Cairns Airport CCO Aviation Paul McLean was reported as saying he has been in ongoing discussions with Rex on how Cairns Airport might most effectively work with them on the community airfares initiative. Rex quoted comments made by MrMcLean, where he noted: “Airport charges are a small portion of total airfare and travel costs… Cairns Airport charges AUD13.62 for an arriving passenger and AUD16.45 for a departing passenger. For comparison, the cost of a taxi from Cairns Airport to the city is around AUD25”. Rex commented: “It is regrettable that Cairns Airport is not willing to assist the less fortunate in the community by foregoing the head tax for the Community Fare, which would have resulted in the ticket prices reducing by a further AUD15 per sector… Cairns Airport seems to view the AUD15 per passenger as small change. However, for a family of four that needs to make a return trip, this would cost the family an additional AUD120. For Rex, its earnings per passenger are not even AUD14”. The Community Fare is designed to provide residents who require travel for medical, educational and family reasons, with access to low fares, which are normally not possible as they are commercially unviable. Rex also applaud Queensland Airport Limited, the owner of Mount Isa Airport, for participating in the scheme. [more – original PR]