Requiring boarding pass checks would ‘thwart the aim to achieve better punctuality’: Lufthansa

    Deutsche Lufthansa AG, in an Oct-2018 policy brief, stated (Oct-2018) the German Government’s plans to require airlines to compare boarding passes with travellers and booking data would “thwart the aim to achieve better punctuality” due to compounded boarding delays. The group calculated an additional 444 hours daily would be required to implement identity checks for each passenger, given 320,000 passengers daily pass through German airports, in addition to time spent unloading baggage in cases where passengers are unable to present ID when boarding. The EU Commission has rejected the measure which is now being proposed in Germany. “Obliging airline employees to carry out this task does not offer any added value in terms of security, but will lead to millions of delays in boarding”, Lufthansa concluded. [more – original PR]