Refining NZ: Auckland Airport pipeline repaired and certified

    Refining New Zealand announced (23-Sep-2017) the following update concerning the jet fuel supply for Auckland International Airport:

    • Pipeline:
      • Final replacement section was completed and passed inspection late in the evening of 22-Sep-2017. Refining New Zealand said it is preparing to restart the pipeline and remain on track to deliver jet fuel into Wiri between 12:00 on 24-Sep-2017 and 12:00 on 26-Sep-2017. Settling, recertification and transport to the airport for use will take another 30 hours;
    • Alternative arrangements:
      • Bridging of jet fuel supply from the refinery is continuing with further road tankers operating;
      • Coastal shipping is continuing, with a ship departing for Auckland early in the morning of 23-Sep-2017, carrying approximately 3.5 million litres of jet fuel, as well as diesel, petrol and fuel oil. [more – original PR]