QUESTION FOR THE WEEK: What are the ten largest outbound country markets for travellers from Mainland China?

In our new weekly series to break up those Monday morning office blues, The Blue Swan Daily will be testing your knowledge and insight into the aviation and travel industry. This is all just for fun, but who knows? We may be able to find a prize somewhere around CAPA HQ. This week’s question is detailed below. The answers will be revealed and winners (if there are any correct entries) announced next week alongside our next question.

For China, tourism has become a key pillar of the economy, and investments have been made to improve infrastructure and standards. In less than two decades China has grown from travel minnows to the world’s most powerful outbound market

China’s outbound tourism market is expected to surpass the milestone USD500 billion mark by the end of the year 2024 and outbound travel from China will more than double between now and 2030. The major driving factors for China outbound tourism market are; rising disposable income of the middle-class population, a more liberal tourism policy, government support and the rising number of Chinese passport holders.

China has evolved as a major source of outbound tourism in the world and has become one of the biggest tourism markets across the world with high per capita, but, which countries have the most to gain from the more mobile Chinese market?


What were the ten largest outbound country markets for travellers from Mainland China in 2018?

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We will be revealing the answers at the same time next week, when we will be setting another question.

Last week we asked…Which ten airlines (please rank them in the correct order) have the largest presence in the North Atlantic market this summer based on schedule seat capacity? 

The answer (in descending order from one to ten) was… Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa, Air Canada, Air France, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Norwegian Air Shuttle and Air Transat.

NOTE: If you were to combine the activities of Norwegian Air Shuttle and the Norwegian Air UK businesses together then the low-cost short- and long-haul operation would be positioned in seventh position ahead of both Air France and Virgin Atlantic Airways.

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