Qantas: Two A330s and 50% of Boeing 737s to have inflight connectivity by Jun-2018

    Qantas, via its official ‘Roo Tails’ blog, reported (30-May-2018) it intends to have WiFi inflight internet connectivity installed on two domestic A330s and half its Boeing 737 fleet equipped by the end of Jun-2018. By the end of 2018, 75% of the carrier’s combined domestic 737 and A330 fleet of 80 aircraft will have WiFi, with the remaining aircraft to be equipped during 2019. Once all aircraft are fitted, the carrier estimate 15 million passengers p/a will be able to stay connected while in flight. The fit-out of each aircraft takes on average one week to complete. Fit out is being combined with scheduled maintenance checks, to avoid disrupting operations. [more – original PR]