Qantas to operate first US to Australia bio-fuel powered commercial flight

    Qantas, Agrisoma Bioscience and the University of Queensland announced (18-Nov-2017) the carrier will operate the world’s first biofuel flight between the US and Australia. The announcement follows the Qantas partnership with Agrisoma, a Canadian based agricultural-technology which developed the carinata seed. The Los Angeles-Melbourne flight will occur in early 2018, fuelled by biofuel derived from a non-food, industrial type of mustard seed, which is being trial grown by the University of Queensland. World Fuel Services and Altair Fuels will also collaborate on the flight. Qantas and Agrisoma will work with farmers to grow Australia’s first commercial aviation biofuel seed crop by 2020. The university reported the feedstock is a ‘drop-in’ crop and requires no specialised production or processing techniques. It produces high quality oil, ideal for aviation biofuel, biojet fuel for aircraft and biodiesel for airport vehicles. Agrisoma CEO Steve Fabijanski, said carinata-based fuel offers a significant reduction in carbon emissions. [more – original PR – University of Queensland] [more – original PR – Qantas]