Qantas: Cathay Pacific codeshare proposal is ‘fundamentally pro-competitive’

    Qantas issued (15-Mar-2019) the following clarifications regarding its submission to Australia‘s International Air Services Commission for Cathay Pacific to codeshare on selected Hong Kong services operated by Qantas:

    • The proposal only covers a limited number of Brisbane-Hong Kong, Melbourne-Hong Kong and Sydney-Hong Kong services;
    • Services covered by the proposal may only be sold by Cathay in conjunction with through journeys to behind and beyond destinations. This may include a domestic Australia and/or international sector(s) combined with one of the city-pair sectors.

    Qantas said the proposal “provides a significant number of new or improved connectivity options for consumers”, adding: “We strongly reject Virgin Australia‘s claim that the proposed variation ‘does not give rise to any additional tourism or trade benefits'”. Qantas also stated: “Qantas and Cathay consider the proposed variation to be fundamentally pro-competitive because of the delivery of clearly increased schedule and itinerary choice for consumers, while preserving and extending the competitive tension between the carriers”.