Qantas Airways will let one 787 option lapse, considering A321neos for Jetstar

    Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce stated it would let one of its 15 options for Boeing 787-9 aircraft lapse in Feb-2018 and will make a decision on some others in a “few more months” (Reuters, 05-Feb-2018). He said the airline was examining whether to take more 787s than the eight already ordered. At the same time it was considering a business case for Jetstar to take add A321neos, he said. “We balance up what are the relative business cases between Jetstar, between Qantas International, Qantas Domestic and Loyalty and figure out given our limited resource of capital what is the best business case to invest the capital in”, he said. Jetstar has 99 A320neo family jets on order. Mr Joyce said the airline was considering whether to take some of the larger A321neo variant, enabling the carrier to operate routes such as Sydney-Bali with A321neo equipment, enabling the redeployment of 787-8s for other destinations in the region.