PATA: Key destinations in the Asia Pacific added 35m foreign arrivals in 2017

    Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) released (11-Oct-2018) the 2018 Final Edition of its Annual Travel Monitor. According to the report:

    • International visitor arrivals (IVAs) to the 47 destinations in Asia Pacific covered in the report increased 5.7% year-on-year in 2017, adding close to 35 million additional arrivals to these destinations;
    • More than 40% of the destinations covered in this report had annual growth rates in excess of 10%. Another 28% had annual growth rates in excess of 5%;
    • Pacific region arrivals growth was the strongest of any sub-region, up 5.9%. This was followed by the Americas at 5.8%, while Asia international arrivals kept pace with the Asia Pacific region wide average of 5.7%;
    • Asia region foreign arrivals grew by close to 25 million, followed by the Americas with a gain of almost 8.6 million and the Pacific with around 1.4 million additional foreign arrivals received;
    • Central America showed the strongest incremental increase in foreign arrivals, capturing 50.5% of the 8,577,000 increase into the Americas over that period;
    • Southeast and West Asia that each captured the largest proportion of additional foreign arrivals into Asia;
    • Oceania received more than half of the additional foreign arrivals into the Oceania region, followed by Polynesia.