Panasonic Avionics: Inflight advertising poised to grow into major ancillary revenue stream

Panasonic Avionics global advertising sales director Chris Hartley reported (26-Apr-2018) inflight advertising is worth more than USD300 million p/a, although airline advertising revenue has received less attention compared to other ancillary categories. Mr Hartley said that with the right strategies and technology, however, the potential of inflight advertising is unlimited. Mr Hattley projected airline advertising will “see the largest exponential growth of any other ancillary revenue category due to the vast digital opportunities that exist across the entire travel thread.” Panasonic Avionics reported there is “positive momentum in the inflight advertising industry” through both airlines and brands, as airlines are open to having a variety of digital advertisements embedded natively across their passenger experience, which ultimately makes brands happy. [more – original PR]