Our airlines do social media VERY well

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that we are currently living in the age of social media. We are constantly engaging with friends and families from all over the world, and as consumers interacting with businesses on a level that – prior to even a few years ago – would have seemed almost impossible.

Businesses have found social media to be a quick and easy way to get their message to a large interested audience at almost no cost. Regardless of the medium being Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, the opportunities are endless. The travel industry is no exception to this, and we are finding more and more that airlines, hotels and operators are trying to be the first to come up with new and interesting ways of engaging people via social media.

Whether it be new announcements, fare sales or purely branding exercises, airlines have definitely worked out the formula for great social media interaction.

We have delved into the depths of our local airline friends’ feeds and included our favourite most recent posts for your enjoyment, in no particular order.


Simple and yet extremely effective, this post from Qantas pairs their uniform and branding with a popular news program. It is humorous, while still portraying a positive message. More importantly, Fox 10 Phoenix then retweeted this to its 228,000 followers. Advertising gained for absolutely nothing.

Source: @Qantas on Twitter.

While not technically from Qantas themselves (thanks, Boy George) but hilarious none the less, and it shows the time and effort Qantas is spending in order to monitor what is happening on its socials.

Source: @BoyGeorge and @Qantas on Twitter.

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is incredibly proficient at engaging large numbers of followers through social influencers and celebrities without investing any money in them at all. The following two examples are absolutely ingenious campaigns which highlight this uncanny ability.

In the following, Air New Zealand leveraged off the popularity of the Late Late Show host James Corden and his even more popular segment, Carpool Karaoke. This simple video went viral on social media and also in mainstream media with articles appearing in major news publications all over the world…and James didn’t even need to respond, and Cockpit Karaoke never happened.

Source: @FlyAirNZ on Twitter.

Ryan Reynolds was quoted last month saying that he hates flying with his kids. This became the perfect opportunity for Air New Zealand to start a hashtag #HowToFlyWithABaby

Source: @FlyAirNZ on Twitter.

Air New Zealand entered an agreement with Snapchat, becoming the first brand in New Zealand to launch campaigns with the social media networking tool. Snapchat will run advertising videos nationwide for Air New Zealand which include geofilters and sponsored ‘lenses’.

This would have involved a hefty investment, but this shows Air New Zealand’s understanding of the importance of social media.

Source: @FlyAirNZ on Twitter.

Virgin Australia

As part of the annual April Fool’s Day celebrations, Virgin Australia released a video announcing a new canine crew to greet guests as they board every aircraft. Probably one of the most popular jokes of April Fools 2017.

Source: @VirginAustralia on Twitter.

Virgin Australia first broke the announcement of a new service to Hong Kong with this clever little video.

Again – simple yet effective, and well received by all.