Norwegian applies for Swedish AOC; supports planned Asian growth

    Norwegian applied (20-Jul-2018) for an AOC from Swedish Transport Agency as part of an effort to obtain an “even stronger foothold in the EU“. Norwegian CEO Bjørn Kjos stated: “Sweden is strategically positioned and with a Swedish operating licence, we show that we believe in expanded opportunities for Sweden and Arlanda. With a stronger foothold in Scandinavia, we hope for more traffic rights that benefit throughout Scandinavia in terms of more directives, more tourists and more jobs”. Mr Kjos added: “Flight tax, however, is an obstacle that rather complicates than facilitates the ability of airlines to grow in Sweden so we hope for more air-friendly policies”. [more – original PR – Swedish]

    Norwegian communications director Anders Lindström commented on the carrier’s decision to apply for Swedish AOC, stating: “We estimate that we have better opportunities to open new Asia routes from Sweden with a Swedish AOC… This is linked to the bilateral agreements that Sweden has with some countries in Asia” (, 21-Jul-2018). Mr Lindström added: “It is still our goal to have rights to fly across northern Russia, but that’s not why we are looking for a Swedish AOC”.