News Briefs

    Tourism and Transport Forum (TTF) Australia announced (04-Jan-2017) that nearly 70% of Australians will be taking a break over the summer months with 30% travelling during Jan-2017, according to a national poll commissioned.

    The survey of 800 Australians by pollster Nielsen reveals that between 01-Jan-2017 and 11-Jul-2017, 17% of respondents will be travelling while a further 13% will travel from 12-Jan-2017 to 25-Aug-2017 with 5% to travel after Australia Day on 26-Jan-2017. Early Jan-2017 is the most popular time for Victorians (25%) and New South Welshmen (19%) to get away while West Australians (22%) and Queenslanders (16%) prefer mid-Jan-2017. A road trip in the car (54%) is the most popular way to reach the holiday destination, followed by a flight (31% for those longer interstate or international journeys. Traveling to another Australian city is the most likely destination (38%) just ahead of the coast or an island (30%) and a regional town (20%).


    Air Chathams GM Duane Emeny reiterated its interest in the expansion of Chatham Island Karewa Airport runway, despite the rising costs of the project (, 05-Jan-2017).

    The Chatham Islands Enterprise Trust was helping drive the project, which a government study initially estimated at NZD35 million (USD24 million). Mr Emeny said further investigation showed costs for the project, which would also allow increased travel within the Chathams, were likely to be higher. He said jet aircraft services was the preferred economy of scale, but service would be maintained with or without the expansion.

    “There are more modern turbo prop aircraft which are more fuel efficient so operating costs lower but the capital costs are high – the equivalent of buying a Boeing 737. Our preference is a larger aircraft so we can grow the market”.

    Mr Emeny said the carrier has been operating Auckland-Chatham Islands service with load factor of around 70%.

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