News Briefs

    Visitors arrivals in Australia increased by 11% in 2016

    Tourism Australia reported (13-Feb-2017) visitor arrivals to Australia rose 8% in Dec-2016. Details include:

    • Dec-2016:
      • Visitor arrivals: 971,800, +8.1% year-on-year;
        • New Zealand: 128,500, +3.2%;
        • UK: 116,800, +4.0%;
        • China: 98,800, +5.9%;
        • US: 87,800, +7.9%;
        • Singapore: 57,900, +2.5%;
      • 2016:
        • Visitor arrivals: 8.3 million, +11.0%.

    Norfolk Island Airlines granted permission to operate Australia-New Zealand with unlimited passenger capacity

    Australia‘s International Air Services Commission (IASC) issued (10-Feb-2017) an interim determination allocating unlimited capacity to Norfolk Island Airlines for scheduled passenger services between Australia and New Zealand, valid for three years. Norfolk Island Airlines applied to the IASC on 16-Jan-2017 for an allocation of unlimited passenger capacity to New Zealand. The carrier proposes offering twice weekly Boeing 737-300 service between Norfolk Island and Auckland starting from 27-May-2017. The service will be operated under a wet lease arrangement between Norfolk Island Airlines and Nauru Airlines, with Norfolk Island Airlines as the marketing carrier.

    Qantas allocated seven weekly frequencies on Sydney-Johannesburg

    Australia‘s International Air Services Commission (IASC) issued (10-Feb-2017) a determination allocating Qantas capacity of seven frequencies per week between Sydney and Johannesburg. The determination is valid for five years from 17-Dec-2017. IASC also approved Qantas’ request to allow the capacity to be used by wholly-owned subsidiaries, such as Jetstar. Additionally, it approved Qantas’ request to include a condition allowing the use of the capacity by Qantas to provide joint services with any wholly-owned subsidiary and by any wholly-owned subsidiary of the Qantas Group to provide joint services with Qantas.

    ABS reports overseas arrivals figures for 2016; South Korea arrivals increase 23.7%

    Australia‘s Bureau of Statistics released (Feb-2017) overseas arrivals figures for 2016. The top 10 source markets by arrivals were:

    • New Zealand: 1,347,400, +2.7% year-on-year;
    • China: 1,199,100, +16.9%;
    • UK: 716,700, +3.7%;
    • US: 711,400, +16.4%;
    • Singapore: 439,600, +10.7%;
    • Japan: 413,800, +22.7%;
    • Malaysia: 387,700, +14.3%;
    • South Korea: 284,600, +23.7%;
    • India: 259,900, +11.3%;
    • Hong Kong: 249,300, +13.7%.

    TTF sees potential in 2017, stating the year is “shaping up to be just as good” as the record 2016

    Tourism & Transport Forum Australia (TTF) welcomed (13-Feb-2017) the release of Australian international visitor arrivals figures for 2016, showing 8.3 million people travelled to Australia, an increase of 11% year-on-year. TTF CEO Margy Osmond said 2017 is “shaping up to be just as good” as the record 2016, but “it will all be put at risk if government refuses to stop slugging the industry with higher taxes and charges.” TTF called for the Government to rule out any plans to increase the cost of travel to Australia and make 2017 “a year in which government and industry sit down together as part of a high level discussion on what we need to do to make sure our infrastructure is ready”.

    Delta Insurance New Zealand Limited launchesComprehensive drone insurance in New Zealand

    Delta Insurance New Zealand Limited launched (13-Feb-2017) a comprehensive UAV insurance solution. In New Zealand there is currently no legal requirement for UAV operators to hold insurance, however most aviation and liability insurers exclude risks that are very specific to the UAV industry, according to Delta Insurance GM Craig Kirk. Mr Kirk confirmed the solution covers commercial UAV operations.

    Qantas CTO Chris Taylor resigns 

    Qantas chief technology officer Chris Taylor resigned from his position, effective May-2017, for a new international role (, 13-Feb-2017). Mr Taylor joined the carrier in Jan-2014. The carrier is seeking a replacement.

    Tausani Airlines negotiates with US FAA certification inspection visit

    Tausani president Filifaatali Michael Fuiava said the carrier is working with the US FAA to organise a visit by officials to Pago Pago to carry out inspections required for certification (Radio NZ, 13-Feb-2017). The FAA intends to start the process in 3Q2017, provided the carrier completes necessary preparatory work. Tausani plans to operate services in American Samoa using leased nine-seat turboprop aircraft.