News Briefs

    Tourism Australia releases US inbound market survey results

    Tourism Australia released (Jan-2017) its US tourism market overview. In 2015, the US was Australia’s fourth largest inbound market for visitor arrivals, the third largest market for total visitor spend and the fifth for visitor nights. There were 610,000 visitor arrivals (+10% year-on-year). Reasons for travel include:

    • Holiday: 41%;
    • Visiting friends and relatives: 25%;
    • Business: 22%;
    • Other: 13%.


    Tourism Australia provided the following survey snapshot:

    • Motivations for travel: US travellers choose a destination first and foremost based on safety and security. They then look for good food and wine, value for money, history and heritage, friendly citizens and aquatic and coastal experiences;


    • Where are they going: The most-visited destination for US travellers is Europe. Specifically, France followed by Italy, UK, and Germany. Australia is 23rd on the list in terms of trips taken in 2015;


    • Where do they want to go: Europe is most definitely on their to-do list in the next two years. Australia makes it onto the aspiration list for the next four years, but Europe is the priority for US travellers;


    • Planning: 6-12 months prior to their trip. For early planning and inspiration, US travellers are using a combination of online and offline sources, including talking to friends and family, searching the internet, or reading travel and guide books;


    • Booking: 2-3 months prior to their trip. When it comes to booking, the majority are doing so online, either directly through an airline or via an online travel agent;


    • Perceptions of Australia: Aspirational iconic landmarks from coastal to outback, rugged with a sense of adventure. Modern cities, laidback people and beach culture;


    • Barriers for visiting Australia: Financial and time costs mean Australia is a bucket list/once-in-a-lifetime destination, easily postponed and very much secondary to Europe. Low annual leave is also a limiting factor (2 weeks). Addressing the barriers Require more manageable sets of experiences that fit within two to three weeks, drawing on authentic Australian life combined with aspirational luxury as a halo to fit the ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ appeal.


    Tourism New Zealand targets Melbourne market

    Tourism New Zealand commenced (30-Jan-2017) its first single region marketing campaign, encouraging travellers from Melbourne, Australia to visit the Northland region. The campaign will test whether a Tourism New Zealand campaign focused on using a single region can influence a shift in traditional travel patterns. The campaign is being run in conjunction with Northland NZ, Facebook, Flight Centre and Air New Zealand.



    TTF lobbies Canberra to rule out price increases for Australian market

    Tourism & Transport Forum Australia (TTF) called (30-Jan-2017) on Australian political leaders to use upcoming speeches to “rule out any further increases in the cost of travel for our international visitor market”.

    TTF cited statistics showing the visitor economy grew at a rate of 7.4% in 2015-16 – a rate greater than three times the growth of the total Australian economy (2.3%).

    The tourism sector supports one million jobs. TTF said:

    “[The tourism sector] is a jobs and wealth juggernaut for Australia’s economic future but we will not reach our full potential without government finally recognising that increasing taxes and charges and failing to make the necessary infrastructure investment in the industry is the wrong approach.”


    New Zealand international arrivals are up

    Statistics New Zealand reported (31-Jan-2017) international visitor arrivals to New Zealand rose 11% year-on-year in Dec-2016. Details include:


      • Visitor arrivals: 494,193, +11.1% year-on-year;
        • Oceania: 220,848, +9.8%;
          • Australia: 193,680, +9.2%;
        • Asia: 109,248, +8.5%;
          • China: 35,904, -2.3%;
          • Japan: 12,800, +12.5%;
          • Singapore: 12,640, +1.8%;
          • South Korea: 9120, +0.9%;
          • Hong Kong: 8544, +35.2%;
          • Malaysia: 7824, +26.4%;
        • Europe: 93,088, +12.8%;
          • UK: 40,960, +8.9%;
          • Germany: 16,160, +15.0%;
        • Americas: 57,424 +24.3%;
          • USA: 43,104, +27.3%;
          • Canada: 8288, +17.5%;
        • Africa and Middle East: 8080, +3.5%;
          • South Africa: 3584, +1.8%;
      • Departures: 281,115, +14.4%;



      • Visitor arrivals: 3.5 million, +11.8%;
      • Departures: 2.6 million, +8.6%.




    Australian Embassy in Washington commenced talks with US government officials over visas

    Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (30-Jan-2017) has announced that the Australian embassy in Washington is “engaging with US officials on the potential implications of the suspension for Australian travellers, including dual nationals” in reaction to the new Trump Administration executive order barring entry into the US for citizens from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.



    Fiji tourist arrivals increase

    Reserve Bank of Fiji reported 2016 Fiji tourism arrivals reached 792,320 visitors, an increase of 5% year-on-year (Fiji Times, 31-Jan-2017). The largest origin markets were New Zealand and China. Fiji is targeting tourist arrivals of one million p/a by 2020.


    Fiji targets youth traveller market from China and India

    Fiji Minister for Industry, Trade, Tourism, Lands and Mineral Resources Faiyaz Koya reported the country is targeting the youth traveller market from China and India to help broaden its tourism profile (Fiji Times, 31-Jan-2017).

    Australia and New Zealand travellers account for approximately a third of all international arrivals to the country, with China the fastest growing large market.


    Fiji Minister encourages regional approach to tourism

    Fiji Minister for Industry, Trade, Tourism, Lands and Mineral Resources Faiyaz Koya commented that Pacific Island nations need to “work together in harnessing the potential of tourism to grow our economies, foster greater inclusion in our societies and preserve our culture and environment” (Pasifik, 29-Jan-2017).

    Mr Koya said every Pacific Island country depends on tourism as their main source of income, with tourism accounting for 29.4% of Fiji’s GDP. Fiji is working closely with the UNWTO to roll out a work programme for sustainable tourism in Fiji.


    Queensland welcomes arrival of drone manufacturer

    Queensland Deputy Premier and Minister for Trade and Investment Jackie Trad welcomed (27-Jan-2017) Japanese drone company Terra Drone establishing a regional office in Brisbane. The decision was made as a result of Ms Trad’s trade mission to Japan in Nov-2016. Terra Drone CEO Toru Tokushige stated he is particularly “enthusiastic” about Queensland’s “drone friendly” policy framework.


    Hawker Pacific expands in Queensland

    Hawker Pacific purchased two fixed based operations (FBO) facility from Adagold Aviation at Brisbane Airport and Cairns Airport (Australian Aviation/Avitrader, 30-Jan-2017). Hawker Pacific already owns a FBO facility at Brisbane Airport however the new site is closer to the runway. Hawker Pacific vice president for FBO in Australia Graham Owen stated:

    “With the recent announcements of improvement in the mining industry in Queensland there is an expected a lift in the fly-in/fly-out sector”.


    Mount Isa Car park facility to open shortly

    Queensland Airports Limited announced (30-Jan-2017) Mount Isa Airport is expected to open a new car park facility “soon”, which is part of its AUD3.5 million (USD2.6 million) ground transport facility upgrade project that commenced in Jul-2016. Other works to complete include installation of 820 solar panels over the long term parking area and pedestrian walkways which will offset more than 80% of the airport’s electricity usage during daylight hours.


    Darwin Airport welcome daycare facilty

    Darwin Airport welcomed (30-Jan-2017) the opening of Little Flyers Darwin childcare centre at the airport’s business district Darwin Airport Central. The centre features a control tower replica and water misters within the playground. All staff are professionally trained in the ‘Circle of Security’ and offer the ‘Kids Matter’ programme.


    Boeing conducts 737 Max 8 tests in Northern Territory

    Boeing deployed a 737 MAX 8 test aircraft to Darwin International Airport and then to Alice Springs International Airport for environmental tests (Australian Aviation, 30-Jan-2017).


    These are among the over 30 news items in relation to the Australia Pacific region published by CAPA Centre for Aviation in their Asia Pacific Airline Daily and over 400 news items covering global aviation.