Moscow Vnukovo Airport to increase charges for domestic carriers from 2019

    Moscow Vnukovo Airport announced (Nov-2018) plans to increase the following fees and charges for domestic carriers from 2019:

    • Landing and takeoff: RUB210 (EUR2.8) per maximum takeoff weight, +5.0% year-on-year;
    • Aviation safety: RUB200 (EUR2.7) per maximum takeoff weight, +5.3%;
    • Terminal use for domestic services: RUB68 (EUR0.9) per passenger, +4.6%;
    • Terminal use for international services: RUB100 (EUR1.3) per passenger, +5.3%;
    • Domestic passenger services: RUB74 (EUR0.98) per passenger, +5.7%;
    • International passenger services: RUB84 (EUR1.1) per passenger, +5.0%. [more – original PR – Russian]