Mexico’s incoming President on NMCIA: ‘This is not possible. We cant finance that’

    Mexico‘s incoming President Andres Obrador, via his personal YouTube account, announced (08-Oct-2018) a technical report found that mutual operations of Mexico City Juarez International Airport and the Santa Lucia Air Base “is compatible”. He added that “French specialists” will deliver a report on 15-Oct-2018 regarding the construction of New Mexico City International Airport (NMCIA). He added that the airport project will have to approve a MXN88 billion (USD4.6 billion) investment and “this is not possible. We can’t finance that” but insists on a plebiscite in case the population chooses the project. Mr Obrador previously stated he’ll disband Mexico‘s presidential fleet upon inauguration as President. Mr Obrador had a four hour delay in Sep-2018 on a commercial flight and insisted: “I will not board the presidential airplane… boarding a plane with such luxury in a country with such poverty… I would fall ashamed” (infobae, 20-Sep-2018).