MBIE: 9 out of 10 New Zealand visitors report high levels of satisfaction

    New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MIBE) released (14-Aug-2017) a report providing a snapshot of the experiences of international visitors to New Zealand from 3Q2013 to 1Q2017. Key highlights:

    • A high proportion of visitors say New Zealand met or exceeded their expectations, and satisfaction was consistently high across different amenities;
    • Most visitors were highly satisfied with their visit to New Zealand;
      • Overall, visitors reported high levels of satisfaction with visiting New Zealand, rating their visit on average 9 out of 10.
      • Visitors were most satisfied with the natural and built environment (9.1 out of 10) and with their sense of safety (also 9.1 out of 10);
      • Visitor satisfaction was higher among visitors from the US and UK. The US and the UK had the highest average overall satisfaction scores (9.4 out of 10), with Japan and South Korea having the lowest (8.8 and 8.7);
      • Other characteristics (such as age and gender) did not seem to influence visitor satisfaction;
    • Most visitors said their experience in New Zealand met or exceeded their expectations;
      • Over 95% of visitors said their trip in New Zealand met or exceeded their expectations;
      • Visitors from the US and UK were more likely than visitors from other countries to say New Zealand exceeded their expectations;
      • More than 98% of visitors said New Zealand’s environment met or exceeded their expectations. Environmentally conscious visitors were more likely to say the environment exceeded their expectations;
    • Visitors were very likely to recommend New Zealand as a holiday destination;
      • New Zealand had a positive net promoter score of 78% when it comes to visitors recommending New Zealand;
      • More than 80% of visitors were likely to recommend New Zealand, with visitors from the US and UK being the most likely to say this;
    • Among visitors who were less satisfied, common themes appeared in their reasons;
      • Of those visitors who gave lower satisfaction scores (1-7), high prices was a commonly listed reason;
      • Other reasons cited included no free WiFi or internet, and inconsistent quality of facilities, of public transportation and customer service. [more – original PR]