Lufthansa Systems: AI has potential to make more effective use of limited resources available

    Lufthansa Systems head of innovation and portfolio management Mubashir A Tariq said the potential for applying AI solutions to aviation problems such as flight delays and cancellations are “huge” and the “aim is to make even more effective use of the limited resources available without compromising the stability of the systems”. Lufthansa Systems reported (13-Jun-2019) it is currently engaged in various AI initiatives and projects covering flight scheduling, turnaround processes and passenger applications in collaboration with subsidiary zeroG. Details include:

    • Deep Turnaround: Delay avoidance programme for turnaround processes in ground operations. Using video recording, an algorithm analyses turnaround process and provides real time status checks. Parties involved can take measures to speed up the process or counteract any bottlenecks to ensure a punctual turnaround;
    • aiOCC: Early research phase AI solution developed to analyse historical data and use findings to suggest ways of optimally adjusting current flight operations in the event of irregularities;
    • inTime: Software development kit (SDK) for integration into passenger apps, which calculates waiting times at airports using an AI based prediction model. This facilitates planning for how much time passengers need to reach an airport gate. inTime SDK can be easily integrated into any existing passenger app offered by an airline.