Lufthansa Open API direct bookings ‘a huge step that is at the core of our business’

    Lufthansa Innovation Hub senior venture development manage and project lead for the Lufthansa Open API project Reinhard Lanegger commented on launch of open API direct booking functionality, delivered in collaboration with technology services company Mindtree (Computerworld UK, 27-Aug-2018). He said: “Mindtree’s experience in APIs is outstanding and the guys we have been working with helped us get over the hump technically… It sounds easy, but airline systems are not the easiest to handle and we weren’t familiar with API structures, so technically it was challenging to integrate those”. He added: “In airlines there is no regulation, so it is more a case of exploring how valuable our data is for external parties… With [the booking API] we are taking a huge step that is at the core of our business”.