Lufthansa Group launches open API direct booking functionality in collaboration with Mindtree

    Deustche Lufthansa AG and Mindtree, a technology services company, launched (14-Aug-2018) Lufthansa‘s Open API direct booking functionality. Mindtree supported the Lufthansa Groupand Lufthansa Innovation Hub with the technical implementation and conception within the Open API initiative. Through the booking API, authorised developers within the broader ecosystem can now integrate the sale of airline tickets into their own websites and applications, accelerating context based travel offers. Lufthansa Innovation Hub senior venture development manager and Open API project lead Reinhard Lanegger said: “IATA statistics show that Lufthansa is within the exclusive circle of only 4% of IATA members providing an Open API… Opening such a core feature to be used by early stage startups and ventures is a great opportunity and strengthens Lufthansa Group‘s direct distribution strategy”. [more – original PR]