Life after COVID-19: an ‘enormous potential’ for growth, but will it be a ‘V’ shaped return

    Munich Airport president and CEO Jost Lammers said there is “enormous potential” for “dynamic growth” post-coronavirus, despite “massive” passenger traffic decreases in 2020 (TRBusiness, 30-Mar-2020). Mr Lammers noted intercontinental traffic increased 9% year-on-year in 2019. He concluded: “We want to continue that trend when the current global crisis in aviation is over”.

    Meanwhile,  Austrian Airlines CEO Alexis von Hoensbroech said it remains to be seen whether post-coronavirus crisis will lead to a ‘V’ shape in demand similar to previous crises such as 11-Sep-2001, SARS or the 2008 GFC (, 30-Mar-2020). Commenting on whether the crisis will change travel behaviour, he added: “We’ll see if it’s different this time. The fact is, the world is experiencing the worst pandemic since the Spanish flu over 100 years ago… Crises often accelerate change processes, so I think it is quite possible that we can adapt our behaviour”.