LATAM fined for allowing passenger to board flight to New Zealand

    Immigration New Zealand (INZ) announced (16-Nov-2017) LATAM Airlines was issued fines of NZD11,700 (USD8040) plus court costs by the Manukau District Court for allowing a passenger to board a flight to New Zealand, despite being told by INZ not to do so. The passenger was a Syrian national using a passport for foreigners issued by the Brazilian government that noted his Syrian citizenship. The LATAM Airlines check in agent incorrectly entered the passenger’s nationality as Brazilian in INZ’s Advance Passenger Processing system and as a result it returned a ‘Board with outward ticket’ directive. Even though the agent was subsequently informed by telephone and email from INZ not to allow the passenger to board, he was allowed to do so. The passenger was removed from New Zealand upon arrival in Nov-2015. [more – original PR]