Kazakhstan increases proportion of Western aircraft

    CAPA – Centre for Aviation, in a report entitled: ‘Kazakh airline fleet: growth, and fleet renewal from major airframers’ stated (15-Apr-2018) while the fleet in Kazakhstan grew relatively modestly in recent years the proportion of Western aircraft has grown, due to fleet renewal at SCAT Airlines, the launch of Qazaq Air and expansion from Bek Air and Air Astana. Change began with Air Astana, which operated only Western aircraft in its 16 year history and took its first new aircraft close to 10 years ago. SCAT phased out its last Russian aircraft in 2016 and the Boeing 737 MAX 8 marks the first time the airline received a new Western aircraft. The total fleet in Kazakhstan grew 28% over the past six years while the number of Western aircraft expanded 70% and the Russian-built fleet shrunk. [more – CAPA Analysis]