JetBlue Airways to give passengers the ‘choices they want’ via ‘evolved’ fare options

    JetBlue Airways, via its official blog, announced (Oct-2018) plans to to give passengers the ‘choices they want’ with its new ‘evolved’ fare options in 2019:

    • Blue;
    • Blue ‘Save’;
    • Blue ‘More’.

    The new fares will be ‘anything but basic’, including increased legroom, free IFE, ‘Fly-Fi’ internet and catering, with no overbooking of flights. Fares will include certain limitations regarding boarding order, seating and change/cancellation flexibility, but will not make passengers feel like ‘second-class citizens’. The airline also plans to boost interest in the ‘Blue Flex’ fare by lowering the price and focusing on certain passenger values. [more – original PR]