JetBlue Airways CEO: Some things will ‘change for good’ post coronavirus

    JetBlue Airways CEO Robin Hayes stated “some things…are going to change for good” at JetBlue following the coronavirus, citing security changes made following 9/11 (CNBC, 21-Apr-2020) “As an industry, we have to work with governments…health agencies around the world to try and create a single set of standards as best we can”, he urged.  JetBlue Airways chairman Joel Peterson said the carrier is “faced with decisions that I would call bad or worse…everybody’s working on survival and maintaining our covenant with customers” (Yahoo Finance, 22-Apr-2020). He noted the financial aid given by the government is “only a bandaid” and that the airline must “figure out new ways of approaching things”, giving suggestions such as separating people “a little bit more”, “check[ing] their temperatures” and having flight attendants “use masks and gloves”. “We all got used to the post 9/11 security elements, and I think the public will get used to the things that we have to do to make sure that flying is safe”.