Irish travel restrictions ‘are more restrictive than any other country in Europe’; Ireland is effectively ‘closed for business’ due to travel green list

    Aer Lingus CEO Sean Doyle said: “There is not a clear understanding of the scale of the crisis or indeed its significance for the Irish economy and its future recovery” (Belfast Telegraph, 28-Jul-2020). Mr Doyle said due to “Ireland‘s travel restrictions are more restrictive than any other country in Europe, and Ireland now stands alone in applying a policy, while the rest of Europe has opened up for travel”. Mr Doycle also said Ireland‘s Government “has not acted upon the European Commission‘s request to member states to lift border restrictions within the EU by 15-Jun-2020″ (, 29-Jul-2020). Mr Doyle said Ireland‘s green list “effectively means that Ireland is closed for business, and this will have profoundly negative impacts on the Irish economy, and on the aviation and tourism sector jobs within them”.